Serena Brontide & She Ignites

SerenaAs an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I have committed my whole-self to enriching women’s lives. I strive to not only make women feel more confident and beautiful in their skin, but to also encourage them to push their limits and break through the glass ceiling. I have staked my success on a business that allows me to build and restore confidence in those who inspire me every day. And I reap these rewards both financially and spiritually.

By writing the She Ignites blog, I hope to reach out and connect with more women and men who are committed to living a better life in a better world! Through this blog, I hope to share with you as I explore and learn more about my crazy, beautiful life. I would like to introduce you to some of the exceptional people who I meet on my journey. And, of course, provide advice on how you can feel great about yourself both inside and out.

Personal Life

In my personal life, I am a Boy Mom to a toddler named Arlo and a Dog Mom to Tekken Arloand Lola. I’m a true nerd at heart with a particular fondness for science and literature. My hobbies include make-up (of course!), Zumba, and drinking wine.

I have struggled with Bi-Polar Disorder and Anxiety for much of my teen and adult life. For this reason, I am inspired to choose happiness each day and to explore the world outside of my comfort zone. In doing so, I am creating a more full-filling life.

Let’s Talk!

Please feel free to engage with me through comments or by writing to me. I would love to take your questions, content requests, or chat with you!