What My Child Taught Me

A bittersweet reminder that children are changing and growing quickly.

Rolling with the Punches of Parenthood

I’ll be honest, guys. It has been a rough week at our house. My 16 month old unnamedtoddler managed to cut 4 molars, get a double ear infection, and has thrush in his mouth and diaper area all at the same time. Needless to say, it’s been loud, exhausting, and we’ve both done our fair share of crying.

One reason that I could never be a Mommy Blogger is because, let’s face it, I don’t know much. I’ve got one child under two years old. And to be perfectly honest with you, he’s usually pretty easy to deal with. Because of this, I’m uncomfortable with the thought of giving out unsolicited parenting advice.

But in light of this difficult week, I want to share one important and universal lesson that parenting has taught me. And that is that everything is temporary, whether it is good or bad.

Everything Changes

After what can seem like an eternity, when you’re sure you can’t take it anymore, everything changes. Whether it’s crying, sleepless nights, teething, separation anxiety, or anything else… it’s all going to pass. Everyone always says “they grow up so fast” and it is more true than I ever imagined. Because with every new phase comes a new skill, a new challenge, and another step towards being an independent person.

I will never tell you that your feelings of distress and frustrations aren’t justified, because I feel them too. I feel inadequate, like a failure, and like I’m just plainly NOT cut out for being a mother A LOT of the time. But to be honest with you, the memories of those times are going to be what pulls me through THIS time.

Being Kind to Yourself

19265130_10154989755185683_1635290530_nLooking back on all of the times I’ve felt like this, I only see a human being who is doing her best as she navigates uncharted waters. I’ve never even been in the running for “the worst mom ever”, though I’ve often told myself I was. And I am willing to bet that you haven’t either.

So if you’re a parent who is also having a rough week with your kids, just know that we’re all going to be fine. And also that it’s perfectly okay to cry into a pint of ice-cream at the end of the night. Or consider which act your child would be most suited for if you sent them away to join the circus. (Definitely something involving a trampoline…) Just don’t actually send them and you’re golden!